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Impact Fiberglass Doors
Florida and Texas Windstorm Approved

Our GC-Series Premium Fiberglass entryways have been evaluated for compliance and are approved for installation in many designated catastrophe areas along the Florida and Texas Coast when installed as required and as specified in the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC). Always check with your local building inspector to be sure our doors meet your specific building codes before ordering because all door units are made to order and cannot be returned. Approval numbers are available upon request.

Our GC-Series fiberglass impact door jambs are made from solid composite with a wood grain. These "no rot, no warp" jambs may be stained or painted and are available with our factory finishes to match the doors.

Impact door units also include lockset and handleset hardware and a multipoint lock system all "sea spray" rated. All entryways that feature our real exterior wrought iron grilles have a special salt-resistant coating on the wrought iron parts. This coating is commonly used on offshore oil-rigs, applied to metal parts to resist rusting and corrosion. While this coating significantly enhances the durability of these decorative wrought iron grilles, we do not warrant the grilles or hardware finish against corrosion.

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Wood Doors
     All or our wood impact door entry systems were tested and approved at HTL Inc. in Florida at a design pressure up to +65/-80 and can be installed up to 30' in the air or higher at slightly reduced design pressures. All impact doors feature a five-point one touch locking system. No additional hurricane protection systems are needed. Just buy and install and you will be in compliance with the Florida building codes even in the highest wind areas of the state.
     Even if you don't live in a hurricane prone area you can add impact glass to any decorative glass units as a great theft deterrent. It is nearly impossible to beat through the impact glass. Adding this feature along with a 3&5 point locking system adds another dimension to home security.
     For additional door selections of non-hurricane rated doors and door hardware please follow these links: interior doors, wood doors, exterior doors, doors, doorknobs.
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8' Inswing Doors NOA
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8' Outswing Doors NOA
  No. 06-1228.09
10' Inswing Doors NOA
  No. 05-0901.13
10' Outswing Doors NOA
  No. 05-0901.12
Fixed Window NOA
  No. 06-1228.10

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